February 28, 2010

QBA. (explanation below)

so this weekend i got the awesome opportunity to take a few wonderful ladies to ocean isle beach for what we at younglife call campaigners weekend.  we worshiped, praised and learned all weekend long.  it was beautiful.  the weekend contained lots of QBA aka quality boss action.  those ladies are the craziest and came up with that phrase, and i loved it! QBA happened frequently.
{sunrise on saturday}


{through the legs}


it was a great weekend overall.  i love these girls.  i love this thing called younglife.  most of all i love Jesus, and how much he loves me!

February 24, 2010

a need. for sure

both of these beautiful clutches are from emersonmade and i pretty  much have to have them.  They are perfect! flowers and adorable details are a must right now in my life! either would be the perfect addition to my spring wardrobe! 

February 22, 2010

it's like a rubix cube.

funny thing about weather is that you can never rely on it listening to you
but you can always rely on it teasing you
today is rainy. real rainy


but not all is awful.
i went to class and then scooted to the gym
where i did something crazy! 
i stayed on the treadmill for 45 minutes. 
i know, crazy.
i did 5 minutes walk - 6 minute runs
and of course jammed to the classics like
party in the u.s.a (in honor of our boys playing hockey)
body language (by jesse mcartney... not sure why, but love it!)
and hey, soul sister... great running music!

recently i have been trying to figure out my future.
bad idea. i know...
but really come on! who doesn't want to have some kind of plan for their future??

i had a real awkward convo with p's parents at lunch when i mentioned something about probably finding a year long job and the mr. asked why? and i simply stated because i would follow p after he graduated (1 year of grad school).  i got a strange look from both the mr. & the mrs.... i know they support p and i completely. and i'm like 90% positive they are excited to add me to their family, one day.  
but really, it was an awkward moment all around... i'm not sure if it was because i read into it way to much (which is the likely case) or because really, should i search for a one year job... would it be more beneficial to just pack up and go where we will be going...just get there a year earlier? 
or should i stay and do part time, 
volunteer for a year... 
or just take some time off?

oh planning. it makes me crazy sometimes... i wish my mind would let me let it go. it will all fall into place eventually. 
i just need to find patience.

February 21, 2010


today was the first real warm day all year
it was in the 60s
and it showed
everyone was outside
it was so great to see people out walking and enjoying the weather
yeah, the snow was exciting since we barely ever get it
but after a while people were ready for the normal to kick back in
people were ready for beautiful weather like this
the birds are out
flowers are starting to bloom
and people are smiling and enjoying it
i can't wait for school to give us a break so we can enjoy it more than i did this weekend!

{via flickr}

i hope everyone has a fabulous week!*

February 18, 2010

how sweet it is...

when you actually get to have a conversation where "how are you?" isn't code for small talk.

to see an old couple...and you can still see the love.

 to enjoy the silence

to have a great read with a cup of coffee

All smiles!

Hey everyone! Thanks so muh for all the love yesterday! I am pretty sure I did well on the exam! It was tough but it for sure didn't swallow me whole! Y'all are the greatest blog friends out there! For real! I am so thankful to have y'all... This small little family has such a big heart and I am so blessed to have y'all around! Anyways I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

What did everyone give up for lent? I chose fast food(aka drive through joints which exempts bruggers and starbucks)

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February 17, 2010

survival of the fit with a little fist pumping on the side.

i am not a morning person...or a night owl... and this week i have been both.  i have successfully stayed up until 3AM or later (last night-5AM) every night this week!  not only stayed up late, but gotten up at 7:45 AM too! there are only 2 tests scheduled this week... so i really don't remember how i got through weeks when i had 3 in the same day!
Why does it always seem to happen like this? 
Life just gets going, i get caught up in it, and just it just keeps getting faster and faster.  i know i will crash eventually...
Has anyone ever felt like this?  

my body really is for real running on Dunkin right now and any other coffee shop's crack coffee i can get my hands on! 

hopefully it won't be before this exam i have at 1:30 today... and it is for that class that the professor accused me of cheating, and then tweeted about it! he has tweeted about the case study he made up for the exam though... i wonder if that's cheating?  maybe he will tweet the questions of the exam too! probably not because according to J he is surpassed the title of D-bag and now is known as D-Lord when spoken about in our presence.  Needless to say, i feel that this exam may just jump up out of Hell and swallow me whole!

on a brighter note, at younglife tomorrow night we are doing a Jersey Shore Skit about hair styling... this could be interesting! maybe blonde guidettes will become all the rage and fist pumping will come over the whole east coast!

February 12, 2010

so first of all, what a crazy week it has been! everyone i have talked to has been so busy! So sorry for being such an awful blog-friend! I did however go to the gym thursday morning where i for real saw a guy with a mustache. like that.
okay maybe not that huge, but it was that exact style on a smaller scale. 

on a more important note, a few weeks ago i signed up for nicole's pen pal project! i am so excited! my pen pal's name is Catherine and she lives in Australia!!  the summer after my freshman year of college i went to sydney, australia for a week and had a blast!  needless to say, i cannot wait to start putting pen to paper and getting to know Catherine!! 

i hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

oh and p.s. raleigh is shutting down again, because they are calling for 2 inches of snow...pathetic!

February 10, 2010

love is in the air!

I have been a quite awful blog friend and reader this week, I'm terribly sorry! I got a part time job at a florist for valentine's week and I've been working quite a lot! anyways, if you don't know already, Katy Mary got engaged! so go check out her blog, and tell her congrats because she deserves every bit of love you have!
{cute, but i don't remember where i found this one!}

February 9, 2010

failed the common sense test

preston and i have a joke about failing common sense tests when we do stupid stuff. i think it is from a show though. anyways today i had to go to a storage unit for my bosses.  he showed me which was the key among the thousands on the key chain.  of course when i put the key in the ignition of his car, i forgot which one went to the storage unit lock. got there, put the key in that fit. wouldn't open.  called boss, "if it fits, it should work."  then i proceed to turn the key and since i am as strong as an ox, it broke. yep! the key broke in the lock! so a nice man came and cut the lock off (that's a side story on how i found him).  i then realized as he was cutting the giant pry/cut proof Brinks lock, that the key i put in the lock was a Master key, and not a Brinks key.  way to go... i sure did fail the common sense test.

February 7, 2010

these are my confessions

so i have decided to start posting confessions every monday.  these can be serious or silly.  so feel free to e-mail them to me over the week at alexandria.l.barbour@gmail.com {you can e-mail me whenever} i will also post confessions of my friends, and just silly things that have happened.

so today while driving, i drove past two farms, one with an old barn, and horse pasture, and the other with just overgrown grasses... i drive past these places everyday.  but today i decided to plan out preston and i's engagement shots at these places instead.  i told preston and his only response was, "I'm glad you're planning ahead."  I am not sure if his response was sarcastic or not...

i frequent wedding websites, blogs, wedding shows, and stores that sell wedding items... besides doing my job and helping my sister plan, i have a file on my computer and a folder in my room with about 5 different ideas for a wedding...
i figured this video was a great way to end this first post... p.s. ignore the other language subtitles...enjoy!

February 4, 2010


 Tuesday night i ended up hanging out with three of my lovely high school friends k, a & s.  we went to Chili's.  one thing these ladies did was leave a note for our waiter. My first thoughts consisted of: creepy, weird, he's way too old for y'all, etc. etc. but then they told me that they do it for every waiter they have.  They think it is a nice way for a waiter to know how much they were appreciated since being a waiter/waitress is an exhausting job.  I though it was so sweet!

for those of you who follow me on twitter, you may have seen that i was wrongly accused of cheating on a homework, yes a homework assignment by one of my professors! Not to mention that he posted about it on his PUBLIC twitter account, I mean jeez! so that was not a fun thing to deal with this week, but i will say that all is well!

Last night preston and i went on a date to pei wei (top 5 restaurants).  we picked up some awesome work clothes for him for his "business casual" days at school, then proceeded to the gym.  Now let me preface this by saying that i am not a good runner...but terribly wish i had endurance to do things like run/bike/swim.  cheerleading did me in and short sprints of working out are more my style.  but last night i rode the bike for 33 minutes! and i went 11.68 miles! i have never in my life gone that far in a work out! i was so proud of myself! I may have looked extremely slightly ridiculous though, because i had a rockin playlist and was dancing & singing to keep me entertained.

anyways, sorry for the long post.  I do that a lot, and i am working on shortening them... but if you got all the way here good for you. If not, i forgive you! but if you do get all the way down here let me know what you think of this: I was considering doing a confessions thread of posts.  maybe every other week or something posting things i have done to confess them, and if people wanted to e-mail me theirs as well, we could all get a good laugh out of what each other has done... thoughts? let me know!

February 2, 2010

7 things i like about me.

maybe you will think i'm crazy but here are 7 random things about my life!

I always think of the worst possible situation.  I mean crazy things like "_____got in a wreck and can't get to the phone to call." (don't worry, I'm working on it).

my closet is color coded. completely. then arranged by shortest to longest in that color.

when in the shower i hang two towels on the towel rack at the end of the shower.  when i'm done showering, i always use the left one first to dry my hair.

i absolutely love watching so you think you can dance.  i aspire to be a contemporary dancer. which my old bones will never let me be!

i am obsessed with dogs.  not in a weird fetish way.  i just think they can bring so much joy to someone's life! as my puppy does!

i pretty much wear jeans everyday and I have no problem with it at all.  i have a really hard time when i need to dress up though, and jeans are not an option.

i have naturally blond hair, and i wish there was some kind of shampoo that would make it be it's blondest without me having to say "i do this treatment to my hair to keep it blond".