February 7, 2010

these are my confessions

so i have decided to start posting confessions every monday.  these can be serious or silly.  so feel free to e-mail them to me over the week at alexandria.l.barbour@gmail.com {you can e-mail me whenever} i will also post confessions of my friends, and just silly things that have happened.

so today while driving, i drove past two farms, one with an old barn, and horse pasture, and the other with just overgrown grasses... i drive past these places everyday.  but today i decided to plan out preston and i's engagement shots at these places instead.  i told preston and his only response was, "I'm glad you're planning ahead."  I am not sure if his response was sarcastic or not...

i frequent wedding websites, blogs, wedding shows, and stores that sell wedding items... besides doing my job and helping my sister plan, i have a file on my computer and a folder in my room with about 5 different ideas for a wedding...
i figured this video was a great way to end this first post... p.s. ignore the other language subtitles...enjoy!

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