March 30, 2010

its your love

about three years ago, i was given a key.  
it wasn't made out of steel or wrought iron. 
it was not heavy, but it was heavy in meaning. 
three years ago i was given a key, cut out of paper. 
simple. yet meaningful.  
i was given the key to his heart. 
three years ago he saved me.  
he brought me out of the dark.
showed me the light of life. 
and reopened my eyes to the love i was ignoring. 
he broke down my walls. 
built me up. 
and gave me a key. 
this key still means everything it meant that overcast morning i was given it in the parking lot of my high school.
this key is close to my heart. 
i see it every day, and remember the day my life changed.

March 27, 2010

to be anywhere.


i have always wanted to travel to greece.
i'll admit it stemmed from gilmore girls.
i love alexis bledel.
so sisterhood of the traveling pants...head over heels in love with it.
but in all honesty, who wouldn't want to be there?
it is romantic
and beautiful
forget that they don't speak english, i think i can manage...
i wish i could immerse myself in the cities on the cliffs.
and being there with you, would be the cherry to this sundae.

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March 24, 2010

what a life

wow the Lord has blessed today! the sun is shining and it is going to be 75 today! even warmer than it was in flordia! i hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

here are some pictures from my friend s and i's trip to sanibel!

it's safe to say, we had a blast! and lots of sun! these are all from s's camera because of course mine are still not uploaded--procrastination. 

"She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing 'yes' in the sky.
{Monique Duval}

March 22, 2010

finally a chance to breathe
i stayed up late last night rewriting a paper... a paper i worked on for hours...and my final copy, took 30 minutes to write. 

away from complaining. i still haven't uploaded the pictures from my break, but i will, don't worry! 
there will be a dedicated post to my trip!


with only 6 weeks left in the semester
i have realized i can do it!
i got so bogged down and apathetic that i forgot to look at how blessed i am to even be where i am!
i have great friends, an awesome family, a beautiful dog, and a wonderful boyfriend
and all of them care for me so much!

other things i have learned this week:

i love leaving for a week when the weather is dreary, and winter is still sitting around, and coming back to spring!

i love getting in my warm bed and letting the blankets encompass my body, as i fall asleep

i love the smell of coffee in the morning
and listening to music to get me ready for the day

i love daffodils. they are finally blooming

i hate the smell the dogwood trees will have in about two weeks (which also just bloomed)

i love my parent's yard. the colors, sounds and smells.

March 20, 2010

ugh. school

 this beautiful weather we are having in lovely nc is wonderful, but i do not love the fact that i have 3 huge projects due on tuesday! two, of which i have yet to start.
so here's to a day of working hard on my back porch, 
i will be showing you all pictures from this past week in beautiful sanibel soon!

March 16, 2010

enjoy it!

it's hard to say sorry for being away so long
when i'm in florida for the week!
But this i am,
and i am so sorry for no forwarning or anything!

right now i am sitting by the pool in Sanibel, Florida again!
my friend s and i have been enjoying the beautiful weather
(minus this crazy wind they have been having here). 
 i will say that the sun is shining, i'm tanning, and enjoying the company...
so really i can't complain. 
 i hope you are having a fantastic week and the weather allows you to get out and do something!

p.s. i'll be back for real on friday!

March 9, 2010

feet tuesday! on tuesday!

"there is no foot to small that it cannot leave in imprint on this world."

March 8, 2010

be bold.

don't you love when you step out of your shell and be bold and it pays off!  
Last night i took the opportunity and chanced it.  
i was bold and fearless.  
I spoke my heart.  
and it payed off. 
hopefully it will be the start to something greater and better than before. 
i hate regretting and leaving feeling open and empty.  
without walls, vulnerable, wanting, and not filling these voids with love.  
so here's to being bold and fearless, to taking lemons and making wonderfully delicious lemonade.


March 6, 2010

give me your thoughts?

so here's the deal for next year... do i move home or find someone to live with?

the lovely lady i am living with right now is moving home next year to save up some money
the lovely lady i was planning on living with next year now gets to graduate early so it would be silly for her to stay all year unless she gets a job, which would be great, but we are uncertain.
i have other options of living with another girl, or possibly waiting to hear if someone moves out and i could move in.  
but shouldn't i make a decision soon?!

it would be great to move home! save money, sleep in my new bedroom (my parents just bought new furniture), eat home cooked meals, be around my precious little puppy elsie...

but my parents and i get along so much better now that i'm out of their hair, 
and sometimes when i'm home a lot we start to build tension! 
i definitely do not want my senior year in college to be insane because i decided to move home and save up some money... 
and curfew? i'd hope i wouldn't have one! 
chores? that was a big one in high school, 
i love coming home now and doing a surprise clean for my parents and i know they appreciate it... but i don't know if i would want it to be my JOB next year... ya know? 
things get dirty with a 16 year old brother and a busy busy family... 
would it be worth it?

did you move home? would you have? am i crazy for even considering it? advice??

March 3, 2010

feet tuesday! on wednesday!

hey lovelies! i hope everyone has had a fabulous week so far! 
AND i do realize that today is Wednesday (i am not crazy, although some may argue that!) 
BUT i took some real sweet feet pictures just for miss nicole addison's

here are my friend's real cute feet!

anywho, i reached a new peak in self esteem tonight 
i ran/jogged for 31 minutes on the treadmill! 
without walking!! 
which has NEVER happened in this lady's life! 
and even with the awkward looks and laughs i got for my mini dance episodes and mouthing the words to every song, i still had a great time doing it! 
and i REALLY NEVER thought i would EVER say that i actually ENJOYED running! 
it was great!