March 22, 2010

finally a chance to breathe
i stayed up late last night rewriting a paper... a paper i worked on for hours...and my final copy, took 30 minutes to write. 

away from complaining. i still haven't uploaded the pictures from my break, but i will, don't worry! 
there will be a dedicated post to my trip!


with only 6 weeks left in the semester
i have realized i can do it!
i got so bogged down and apathetic that i forgot to look at how blessed i am to even be where i am!
i have great friends, an awesome family, a beautiful dog, and a wonderful boyfriend
and all of them care for me so much!

other things i have learned this week:

i love leaving for a week when the weather is dreary, and winter is still sitting around, and coming back to spring!

i love getting in my warm bed and letting the blankets encompass my body, as i fall asleep

i love the smell of coffee in the morning
and listening to music to get me ready for the day

i love daffodils. they are finally blooming

i hate the smell the dogwood trees will have in about two weeks (which also just bloomed)

i love my parent's yard. the colors, sounds and smells.


  1. love this post! It makes me wish I was there! Spring time around here brings wonderful weather, but it's missing all of the pretty flowers!

  2. Ahh take your time. I know you can do it :)

    The weather sounds beautiful. I miss the sun here. We have been getting so much rain and cloudy days. :(