March 30, 2010

its your love

about three years ago, i was given a key.  
it wasn't made out of steel or wrought iron. 
it was not heavy, but it was heavy in meaning. 
three years ago i was given a key, cut out of paper. 
simple. yet meaningful.  
i was given the key to his heart. 
three years ago he saved me.  
he brought me out of the dark.
showed me the light of life. 
and reopened my eyes to the love i was ignoring. 
he broke down my walls. 
built me up. 
and gave me a key. 
this key still means everything it meant that overcast morning i was given it in the parking lot of my high school.
this key is close to my heart. 
i see it every day, and remember the day my life changed.


  1. Aww this is so super sweet! Happy Anniversary Girly!

  2. this is so amazing. your boyfriend sounds super sweet. :] he's a keeper! Don't ever throw away that key :] hehe

  3. Beautiful beautiful post! Your words make me so happy. x