March 16, 2010

enjoy it!

it's hard to say sorry for being away so long
when i'm in florida for the week!
But this i am,
and i am so sorry for no forwarning or anything!

right now i am sitting by the pool in Sanibel, Florida again!
my friend s and i have been enjoying the beautiful weather
(minus this crazy wind they have been having here). 
 i will say that the sun is shining, i'm tanning, and enjoying the company...
so really i can't complain. 
 i hope you are having a fantastic week and the weather allows you to get out and do something!

p.s. i'll be back for real on friday!


  1. have a great time & take a lot of pictures!

  2. Have fun! Wish I was there :) I could use some warmth & sun