March 8, 2010

be bold.

don't you love when you step out of your shell and be bold and it pays off!  
Last night i took the opportunity and chanced it.  
i was bold and fearless.  
I spoke my heart.  
and it payed off. 
hopefully it will be the start to something greater and better than before. 
i hate regretting and leaving feeling open and empty.  
without walls, vulnerable, wanting, and not filling these voids with love.  
so here's to being bold and fearless, to taking lemons and making wonderfully delicious lemonade.



  1. love this post! you're right; sometimes you just have to take chances! Like Taylor Swift - Fearless <3

  2. Good for you! It's not always being bold so kudos to you for sure!

  3. Oops I meant to say "It's not always EASY being bold" :)

  4. Yay! Good for you Girl for being bold & speaking from the heart! It's always so hard to do :)

  5. congrats beautiful! it isn't easy to be bold in some situations. hats off to you.