March 6, 2010

give me your thoughts?

so here's the deal for next year... do i move home or find someone to live with?

the lovely lady i am living with right now is moving home next year to save up some money
the lovely lady i was planning on living with next year now gets to graduate early so it would be silly for her to stay all year unless she gets a job, which would be great, but we are uncertain.
i have other options of living with another girl, or possibly waiting to hear if someone moves out and i could move in.  
but shouldn't i make a decision soon?!

it would be great to move home! save money, sleep in my new bedroom (my parents just bought new furniture), eat home cooked meals, be around my precious little puppy elsie...

but my parents and i get along so much better now that i'm out of their hair, 
and sometimes when i'm home a lot we start to build tension! 
i definitely do not want my senior year in college to be insane because i decided to move home and save up some money... 
and curfew? i'd hope i wouldn't have one! 
chores? that was a big one in high school, 
i love coming home now and doing a surprise clean for my parents and i know they appreciate it... but i don't know if i would want it to be my JOB next year... ya know? 
things get dirty with a 16 year old brother and a busy busy family... 
would it be worth it?

did you move home? would you have? am i crazy for even considering it? advice??


  1. I live home now and I certainly understand what you're talking about with curfews, chores, and family tension. I wish I could live in an apartment or somewhere on campus, but it's a little too close for that.

    Anyways.. I think you should find someone to live with and continue your independent living. I think it'll make for an easier transition once you graduate and set off into the 'real world' as they call it. Plus you'll want to have a good senior year!

    Good luck :]

  2. I moved home for awhile during my first two years of college, and I must say... There are pros and cons, many of which you have already mentioned.

    I do believe that everyone should try to live on their own at least once in life. It gives you a chance to form definite opinions about what you do and don't like when living with someone. It is also kind of fun to decorate your own space and not have to worry about someone else.

    Maybe you could find a little one bedroom place to rent close to school or something?

    Good luck!

  3. I moved out when I was 26, and moved back home a year and a half later. I LOVED living away from home for the most part but I lived three and a half hours away...which really sucked. And my roommate and I decided we hated one another (and I REALLY hated her boyfriend). So I moved home and it's okay. I miss independence (and working!) but I'm grateful to live somewhere stable and around people who actually LIKE having me around.

  4. I had to move back home and there are pros and cons to living at home. I'd say if you can find someone to live with do it. Not that I'm having a horrible time living at home, but sometimes my parents forget that I am an adult. This doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it gets annoying. Either way I'm sure whatever you decide will be fine. :)