February 4, 2010


 Tuesday night i ended up hanging out with three of my lovely high school friends k, a & s.  we went to Chili's.  one thing these ladies did was leave a note for our waiter. My first thoughts consisted of: creepy, weird, he's way too old for y'all, etc. etc. but then they told me that they do it for every waiter they have.  They think it is a nice way for a waiter to know how much they were appreciated since being a waiter/waitress is an exhausting job.  I though it was so sweet!

for those of you who follow me on twitter, you may have seen that i was wrongly accused of cheating on a homework, yes a homework assignment by one of my professors! Not to mention that he posted about it on his PUBLIC twitter account, I mean jeez! so that was not a fun thing to deal with this week, but i will say that all is well!

Last night preston and i went on a date to pei wei (top 5 restaurants).  we picked up some awesome work clothes for him for his "business casual" days at school, then proceeded to the gym.  Now let me preface this by saying that i am not a good runner...but terribly wish i had endurance to do things like run/bike/swim.  cheerleading did me in and short sprints of working out are more my style.  but last night i rode the bike for 33 minutes! and i went 11.68 miles! i have never in my life gone that far in a work out! i was so proud of myself! I may have looked extremely slightly ridiculous though, because i had a rockin playlist and was dancing & singing to keep me entertained.

anyways, sorry for the long post.  I do that a lot, and i am working on shortening them... but if you got all the way here good for you. If not, i forgive you! but if you do get all the way down here let me know what you think of this: I was considering doing a confessions thread of posts.  maybe every other week or something posting things i have done to confess them, and if people wanted to e-mail me theirs as well, we could all get a good laugh out of what each other has done... thoughts? let me know!


  1. A professor blogged about your alleged cheating!?!

    I can't believe that! Glad to hear all is well right now.

    Good job in that workout :-)

  2. I like the confessions idea I think it could be fun! Also, that totally sucks that your prof accused you of cheating on a HW assignment AND publicly wrote about it on Twitter. Some people have no common sense and honestly, it's a HW assignment not an exam! And kudos to you on the workout! I go to the gym 3 days a week and part of my workout is 30 minutes on the treadmill, I have asthma so it has been really frustrating for me that I can't run much but last night I ran 22 minutes and over 1.5 miles!! I was so proud and my lungs felt like they were going to explode haha. Stick with it! the more you do it the easier it gets!

  3. sounds like a busy week! and confessions... could be fun :)