February 2, 2010

7 things i like about me.

maybe you will think i'm crazy but here are 7 random things about my life!

I always think of the worst possible situation.  I mean crazy things like "_____got in a wreck and can't get to the phone to call." (don't worry, I'm working on it).

my closet is color coded. completely. then arranged by shortest to longest in that color.

when in the shower i hang two towels on the towel rack at the end of the shower.  when i'm done showering, i always use the left one first to dry my hair.

i absolutely love watching so you think you can dance.  i aspire to be a contemporary dancer. which my old bones will never let me be!

i am obsessed with dogs.  not in a weird fetish way.  i just think they can bring so much joy to someone's life! as my puppy does!

i pretty much wear jeans everyday and I have no problem with it at all.  i have a really hard time when i need to dress up though, and jeans are not an option.

i have naturally blond hair, and i wish there was some kind of shampoo that would make it be it's blondest without me having to say "i do this treatment to my hair to keep it blond".


  1. Love that you color code you closet! I used to do the same but now mine is just out of control, I seriously need to reorganize!!

  2. Have you tried Bumble and bumble products? They have hair powder that adds a little color. I use the red and love it...especially when I don't want to wash my hair 7 days a week. It's a dry-wash. Basically, you can't lose. They've also got blonde shampoos, if you want that much color support.

  3. oooh I need to color-code. I agree with Elizabeth on Bumble & Bumble. Totally my favorite hair brand. They have stuff for EVERYTHING!

  4. WOW!! you did a great job with your closet!!

  5. If I color coded my closet I would cut my time getting ready in the mornings in half! Hope you're doing well! :)

  6. hey woman:) miss u! did u see my message on fbook abuot bridesmaids dresses? looooove u!

  7. i'm totally all about jeans. one side of my walk in closet is DEDICATED to just jeans. pathetic? no - it's love. :)