January 31, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

sorry for the absence. NC got some snow.  And since we never get lots of snow, NC people don't know what to do, and where I live basically shut down for the weekend.  It was awesome though to sled and such.  My highlight of the weekend was definitely yesterday morning at breakfast when my dad suggested we tie our boat tube to the back of my brother's jeep and pull it in a parking lot.  We had so much fun! Then P and i followed it up with lunch and a little Mario on the Wii. We opened like 9 worlds.  It was definitely something to be proud of. Last night my mom and I cuddled up in front of the fire and watched Miss America! My top 3 favorites were:

miss virginia
miss texas

miss oregon

I was so excited to see one of my top favorite 3 win! Congrats to miss Virginia! If you didn't see her stunning yellow dress, google it.  It was amazing!

oh and since the roads still aren't cleared my class is canceled tomorrow!
what did everyone else do this weekend?!
p.s.does anyone know how to change the spacing on my sidebar so everything isn't so ridiculously spaced because i am html dumb. thanks!


  1. I caught some of the Miss America pageant, that yellow dress definitely was stunning!! Enjoy your snow :) up here we still work when there is 12 inches or more lol. I wish things would shut down!!

  2. wow they are all so fit...i want to be fit haha! i must motivate myself somehow to go and workout even when its really cold outside!

  3. I watched Miss America too! Tennessee was my favorite, but Oregon was so cute when she got into the top 15!

  4. Aw sweet blog. I made cream puff this weekend with my friends. It was great. :)

    Xoxo- Emily

  5. Go Miss Texas!! I know she didn't win, but I am glad she was in the top 3! I did homework and went to a hockey game this weekend... yes we have hockey in South Texas ironic I know! :)

  6. Agreed...that yellow dress was incredible. I watched the pageant twice this weekend :)