February 22, 2010

it's like a rubix cube.

funny thing about weather is that you can never rely on it listening to you
but you can always rely on it teasing you
today is rainy. real rainy


but not all is awful.
i went to class and then scooted to the gym
where i did something crazy! 
i stayed on the treadmill for 45 minutes. 
i know, crazy.
i did 5 minutes walk - 6 minute runs
and of course jammed to the classics like
party in the u.s.a (in honor of our boys playing hockey)
body language (by jesse mcartney... not sure why, but love it!)
and hey, soul sister... great running music!

recently i have been trying to figure out my future.
bad idea. i know...
but really come on! who doesn't want to have some kind of plan for their future??

i had a real awkward convo with p's parents at lunch when i mentioned something about probably finding a year long job and the mr. asked why? and i simply stated because i would follow p after he graduated (1 year of grad school).  i got a strange look from both the mr. & the mrs.... i know they support p and i completely. and i'm like 90% positive they are excited to add me to their family, one day.  
but really, it was an awkward moment all around... i'm not sure if it was because i read into it way to much (which is the likely case) or because really, should i search for a one year job... would it be more beneficial to just pack up and go where we will be going...just get there a year earlier? 
or should i stay and do part time, 
volunteer for a year... 
or just take some time off?

oh planning. it makes me crazy sometimes... i wish my mind would let me let it go. it will all fall into place eventually. 
i just need to find patience.


  1. ha ha I like your workout music!

  2. Haha I'm so bad with patience sometimes so I understand your predicament. I hope you are able to think, write and pray about what you need to do. Keep us posted on the progress.

    Take some time away to think and be patient :) xx

    P.S. Great work on your workout! Love the music choices :)

  3. Hey, I found your blog on 20sb! I like this post, and I agree about wondering what to do with life. Very cool!

    Sarah Ann (sarahannrogers.com)

  4. mrs. said that she is so excited to have you as a part of the family.....you are a part of the family already ....... not awkward...... but sweet . ....... you are loved.

  5. you better be a part of the family. i don't want another sis:) love u!