February 21, 2010


today was the first real warm day all year
it was in the 60s
and it showed
everyone was outside
it was so great to see people out walking and enjoying the weather
yeah, the snow was exciting since we barely ever get it
but after a while people were ready for the normal to kick back in
people were ready for beautiful weather like this
the birds are out
flowers are starting to bloom
and people are smiling and enjoying it
i can't wait for school to give us a break so we can enjoy it more than i did this weekend!

{via flickr}

i hope everyone has a fabulous week!*


  1. I wish it was 60 here! It was 40 today and so sunny it was beautiful but I'm ready for warm :)

  2. It was a gorgeous day here too!! I am ready for the spring time weather!

  3. i can't wait for spring. this cold weather has got to go!