February 12, 2010

so first of all, what a crazy week it has been! everyone i have talked to has been so busy! So sorry for being such an awful blog-friend! I did however go to the gym thursday morning where i for real saw a guy with a mustache. like that.
okay maybe not that huge, but it was that exact style on a smaller scale. 

on a more important note, a few weeks ago i signed up for nicole's pen pal project! i am so excited! my pen pal's name is Catherine and she lives in Australia!!  the summer after my freshman year of college i went to sydney, australia for a week and had a blast!  needless to say, i cannot wait to start putting pen to paper and getting to know Catherine!! 

i hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

oh and p.s. raleigh is shutting down again, because they are calling for 2 inches of snow...pathetic!


  1. That's an AMAZING mustache. Amazing.
    And I'm so excited for my pen pal too! Her name is Kelly Ann and she lives in Northern Ireland! :)

  2. WOW! Now that's a mustache!!! hahaha