February 17, 2010

survival of the fit with a little fist pumping on the side.

i am not a morning person...or a night owl... and this week i have been both.  i have successfully stayed up until 3AM or later (last night-5AM) every night this week!  not only stayed up late, but gotten up at 7:45 AM too! there are only 2 tests scheduled this week... so i really don't remember how i got through weeks when i had 3 in the same day!
Why does it always seem to happen like this? 
Life just gets going, i get caught up in it, and just it just keeps getting faster and faster.  i know i will crash eventually...
Has anyone ever felt like this?  

my body really is for real running on Dunkin right now and any other coffee shop's crack coffee i can get my hands on! 

hopefully it won't be before this exam i have at 1:30 today... and it is for that class that the professor accused me of cheating, and then tweeted about it! he has tweeted about the case study he made up for the exam though... i wonder if that's cheating?  maybe he will tweet the questions of the exam too! probably not because according to J he is surpassed the title of D-bag and now is known as D-Lord when spoken about in our presence.  Needless to say, i feel that this exam may just jump up out of Hell and swallow me whole!

on a brighter note, at younglife tomorrow night we are doing a Jersey Shore Skit about hair styling... this could be interesting! maybe blonde guidettes will become all the rage and fist pumping will come over the whole east coast!


  1. i love that y'all are doing a Jersey Shore night!! Ridiculous and HILARIOUS!
    I'll be praying for your week girl!!
    I know it can be so stressful!
    I love you! and COFFEE PRONTO :)

  2. Good luck on your exams! Once they are over you will be so relieved!