May 11, 2010

the decision

 i decided to move home.
for those of you who have read this here blog prior to this post, you may know that i faced the difficult decision of figuring out where to live next year (i am a student who goes to school close to home) and i made the decision. 
i compromised with the parents, and it seems like they are pretty excited to have me back but i am a little weary.
chores scare me, because living on my own i have made my own time to do my own things at my own pace. 
it will no longer be that at home. 
i will be on their time, in their environment and their home.
scary, but it will work with some patience. 
the upstairs of our house is a mess.
one bedroom is empty and was deemed "wedding room" for my sister's upcoming "i dos"
and another is my sister's old room that has random things from her childhood
and my bedroom has a brand new queen size bed, and huge dresser, which completely take up the entire space
and did i mention that every closet is overflowing?
problem indeed.
my parents are graciously letting me redo my bathroom. 
i won't show you a picture because it is that bad. moons and stars.
and hopefully we will get around to changing one of those bedrooms into an office space since i will need some sort of study area
and a bedroom?
we haven't exactly figured that one out.
i love the stuff i have right now but it doesn't fit in with any of the bedroom color schemes
and my parents of course painted/outfitted my room as soon as i left!
so here are some inspirations for what i hope to get out of this redo... more to come as the projects get underway, or even become written plans.



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  1. Hey Alex! Sorry I missed this post. You did make a big decision but I'm sure it was the right one for you and I know things will work out for the best. Re-decorating will definitely be fun too!