May 11, 2010

a new beginning

remember this little blog i made back in november?
sorry i have neglected you so!
it has been so weird not documenting the little things i think about randomly
but i am glad to be back.
after almost a month of cramming for exams and computer viruses
i am excited to be back sharing all the exciting things going on!
i could write a book of all the things i wanted to write about from etsy to vacations to surprises and laughs.
anways welcome back all you in this little family of mine
i have so much appreciated all the encouragement y'all have given me through twitter over the last little while.
can't wait to share all the sweet nothings about life i have started to open my eyes to! 

if you get a chance google ipersonic and take the free personality test... it is ridiculously accurate! i did it with a few of my friends last night and oh my gosh the laughs we had! it is a great way to pass a little bit of time and it is only 4 questions. 


tonight is my orientation for my summer internship at a public relations firm downtown. 
i'm nervous excited and a little stressed about what i'm wearing.
business casual is supposed to be easy, but right now i'm struggling
all i want to do is slip some cute 
skinny jeans, ankle boots and a cute top on 
to head out, but i just can't bring myself to wear jeans to a firm! 
just a little bit of venting. i will jot a little later!


  1. Glad you are back Girly! Good luck with your orientation. Can't wait to read about all the things you are thinking!

  2. Welcome back! Nice to "see" you!

  3. good luck lady! i'm sure the pr firm will love you - even if you were to show up in skinnies. xo