May 19, 2010

so here's the thing

Sorry for the absence again! My computer is practically fried and I am just too scared to turn it on sometimes! I always think of these great things to write down, but they never actually make it on here... sorry about that. 

so here are a few things I am loving this week!

{morning lattes from this coffee shop that used to be a news paper}

{work clothes-business casual of course.}

 {exploring downtown}

{feeling like an adult with a real job}

{spending me time at the gym}

{exposed brick}

{breathing fresh air}

{pushing myself to new heights}

{remembering all our laughs}

{getting up early and starting my day off right}

{cute new clothes for a cute new job}

 {high heels-sassy ones at that}

{open fields}

 {fresh cut tulips}
 {living vicariously through my friends' travels}

I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the week and weekend! hopefully my computer will miraculously fix itself!

Oh, and I started my internship this week.  I LOVE it! I couldn't be happier! I feel like it is only going to get more challenging and rewarding as the weeks come at me!

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  1. I'm glad you're loving your internship!! :)

  2. That picture is BEAUTIFUL.

    I'm sorry I've been missing, but I'm back! :)