December 29, 2009

over, already? or just beginning...

wow, it's hard to believe Christmas has come and gone, and 2010 is right around the corner!
although my trip to Sanibel was wonderful,

being home and seeing my friends and preston has been amazing as well.
school is right around the corner again, so i'm trying to muster up the courage to keep it going for another semester!
with friends going out of the country, mhhhmmm natalie,  it may be a bit of a difficult semester!
but i am so happy for lovely nicole, who is engaged to such a great guy (preston's brother, josh).

recently i have been extremely marriage and baby crazy.
i know of seven ladies who got engaged over this holiday season, making me only the tiniest bit jealous.
and i know of quite a few ladies who had precious children within the last few months...
then i have to smack myself and remember that God has a plan for each of us!
and... i'm only 20, with 3 more semesters of school.
my boyfriend is fabulous i know this, and that is one reason why i want to have "proof" that we will be together forever...

so here's to all those who have wishes beyond their control this new year,
be grateful for what you have,
be patient while you wait

it will all come in good time.
love where you are and who you are with 


  1. Awww, so many of my friends got engaged recently and I totally cried everytime one of them would tell me. I'm 26 though, if I was 20 maybe I wouldn't have cried but I would still be totally jealous haha. I'm sure you're right and everything will come in time but I can't help being super impatient. I'm glad you had a fab holiday!! Hope your semester starts off great! <3

  2. Same here, Katy - but I'm 24 (in 3 days, anyway). That's very good advice, Alexandra :)

  3. Lovely entry lady! :) I hear you about the engagement thing too - and I've been with my guy almost eight years! But we're still young..ish..haha (23 & 25). Your time will come! Sometimes as much as I want things to happen, it's almost enjoyable to be patient and let the excitement build up so when it actually happens, it's more meaningful! Glad you had a nice time in Sanibel!

  4. I always thought I would marry young and when I turned 21 and was still single I thought I would die (that's when my mom got married, so I figured I'd follow in her footsteps). Now I'm 29 and planning my wedding for March and I am SO happy I waited. In between the time I "wanted" to get married and now I graduated from college, went to graduate school, did the Peace Corps, got a fabulous job, bought a car, traveled Latin America, etc. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do any of that had I gotten married and started a family.
    I think you are super lucky to have found the boy you want to married already, but there is a lot to be said for living for yourself and now one else for a time. Now that I have to give it up (since all big decisions will need to be discussed), I'm a bit nervous.
    Anyway, just a thought.

  5. PS. I am finding all your wedding blogs you listed quite helpful though!!!