December 30, 2009


Dear 2009,

How did you come and go so quickly? I hardly even remember last new years! I also apologize for not making any new years resolutions at the birth of 2009.  Hopefully 2010 will be more goal oriented!

With hopes for the new year,

Dear 2010,

Thank you for coming! I have a few goals this year. I would greatly appreciate the much needed motivation so that I can accomplish my goals for more than a few weeks.
  • I want to stay in shape. This may be hard due to the fact that walking to class has been eliminated from my daily schedule, and going to the gym requires an extra 2-3 hours out of my day!
  • I want to get organized.  But for real organized.  It needs to be functional.  I tend to put things in groups, but they aren't functional groups...usually they are hard to get to and annoying to take the time and put them away.
  • I would love to stay on top of my grades, and keep them up, BUT without the loss of enjoying time with friends, family and of course preston!
  • I want to get inspired.  Recently I have been in to attempting to dig up my "artsy" and "creative" self from deep beneath the paper writing machine I have become. Maybe taking pictures and scrapbooking will help!
  • I would also like to stay on budget this year! I know, it seems awful 2010 that I have never been on an actual budget, but this year I'm determined.  I need to learn how to not just save for my next purchase, but save for my future! (you know, that wedding in a few years--fingers crossed!)
  • I want to spend more time for myself. Being a coffee lover I would love to spend mornings sipping and reading and thinking....and what ever else I can force my body to do that early.
  • I also do not want to give up.  Never give up.  Make each moment worth while. If one cliche explains my goals the best it is Live, Laugh, Love.  So what cliche, you describe who I want to be in 2010.
Thanks 2010 for listening to my goals.... I will probably write them down somewhere on my wall so I don't forget them.  Hopefully you will be proud as 2011 rolls around.

fingers crossed,

bring it on 2010


    1. Excellent resolutions! I have no idea where 2009 went and I regret not making any resolutions or goals last year either. This year will be different.... Though, I still need to decide on those goals!

    2. I love your resolutions! I think I have a few that are quite similar :) I want to be more creative too and be healthier. And I agree with writing them down to remember them. Have a wonderful New Year! x

    3. Good luck with your resolutions! :)

    4. Fabulous resolutions!! Love the cliche, Have a VERY Happy New Year!!! <3 Katy

    5. aw i love this:) save up for new york! and i think we should have a goal of having more starbucks/dinner dates, k? sounds like a plan to me! oh and also talking p into moving to nyc so im not all alone. love u!!

    6. What a great list of goals for 2010!! I hope they all come true for you!!

    7. What a fabulously inspirational post. Bring it 2010!!

    8. I'll have to share my resolutions with you and we can hold each other accountable :)
      and i could not help but think of the 304 boys when I read Live, Laugh, Love, but I like that as your motto :)
      miss you!