December 31, 2009

my guy

last night after posting about 2009.2010, i was thinking about preston and all that we did this past year.
preston is such a great guy.  i sometimes get tongue tied thinking of how to describe him.
We went through so much when we first started dating. Although it was mainly friendship spats with people we don't really hang out with now we are in college... then it seemed like my world had crashed around me.  The past two and a half years have really brought me to reality about living a life that has meaning.

-Here is a little tid bit about my guy-

he is shy.
until you get to know him.
then he frequently acts like a 5 year old on a sugar high.
he's extremely strong and makes me feel safe no matter where we are.
he is huge into working out, but whenever we go together he seems to motivate me more than work out himself.
he puts up with my N.C. State antics, even though he is a UNC fan.
he loves to teach me.
he teaches me how to play video games the "right" way.  How to golf, although I'm pretty much a professional (just kidding).
  he is extremely selfless.
he always thinks about me, and my concerns.
he puts up with my wedding craze, and baby name lists.
sometimes he even reads my blog!
he gets annoyed at how much I apologize for little things that don't matter.
he has taught me to love more deeply than I ever have before.


  1. He sounds really great! You guys make such a sweet couple and I'm sure you both amazing!

    It's great when the other half can put up with wedding craziness. I was like that before we got engaged and Jason was so good with it.

    Have a wonderful and blessed new year!!

  2. He sounds like a great catch!! Happy new year!

  3. I love the "5 year old on a sugar high" because that is exactly the same as my boy. It takes him forever to open up because he's so shy, but with me he acts just like a kid - goofy with the sense of humor of a child. Adorable. I love it. Your guy sounds amazing - no wonder you can't wait to get married!

  4. Oh I love love! I'm glad you've found someone who loves you and that you can love back!