January 4, 2010

love, love, love....

Sure is the season for love!
i am so happy for all my friends who are engaged right now!
most of you don't know that I work for a local weddings magazine called "Weddings Magazine"
maybe work isn't the right word, haha, i'm the intern.
but this job comes with lots of perks.
I get to attend bridal shows!
Over the weekend, i attended a 2 day show.
I saw so many people I knew!
I don't dress up too too much, but i did love getting cute for the show!
i always try to wear cute "work" clothes, but it never works... but last minute i had this great idea to pair these two shirts with a navy pencil skirt and they both looked fabulous....so day 1 and day 2 outfit complete without buying anything new!

Although I loved meeting other vendors and talking to brides about their big day one of my favorite things to see was the love!
There was so much love in that room!
The families were such a support to the girls planning.
Some families came without the soon-to-bes and were just getting ideas.
It was so adorable to watch how the "lucky grooms" treated their soon-to-be-brides.
Always thoughtful and loving.  The smiles and gentle touches of genuine feelings are hard to describe but that feeling has embraced me this weekend.  I cannot wait to know-to know for sure. 
I know I always say that I can't wait to get engaged and married, which I can't but at the same time after this weekend I know I can wait a little longer to be sure it is the right timing. It is every girl's dream to find her prince, I've found mine,  we both just need to grow up a little more!


  1. What an awesome job!! My sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and I were just joking that we should start a wedding planning business. We're all WAY too creative and into weddings! Great post.

  2. Aww that's amazing! Sometimes I wish I could work for a wedding magazine. I actually never went to a bridal show my whole engagement. Crazy I know :p

  3. What a cool job! My Sister works for NY Magazine Online and she does a lot of work on their wedding pages. I don't know if I could work there, I would get too jealous haha but you will probably know what you're doing when the time comes for you!