December 9, 2009

oh exams...

today i sat in one chair all day for 7 hours. studying. thanks college.
although i did find a new engagement ring that i liked a lot better than my previous choice.
that was what i considered being productive.

i was also pretty excited that i am now in the double digits of followers!
since i'm new to this blog thing, i don't know if i should be excited about a measly 11, but hey i feel popular!

today i had an epiphany as well.
this past summer my cell phone was stolen and it had baby names in it that i wanted to hold on to so when i got pregnant (i'm talking 6-10 years here) i would have them!
so today i decided to write down some that i could remember.

keigh(preston's mom's maiden name is key)
shields(my mom's maiden name is greenshields)

don't forget to check out nicole addison's blog My Teacups in Peony she has a giveaway with another lady diana and they are amazingly adorable giveaways!

i hope everyone has a beautiful day tomorrow! i know it gets harder to wake up in the winter when your bed is all cozy!*


  1. Those are cute baby name. My sister and her husband had had names picked out for their first child for years but then when she ended up getting pregnant last year they ended up going with something totally different - Peyton Nicole. It was funny.

    I love dogs too. I have a Samoyed named Dolce. He's adorable but quite behaviorally challenged - which is bad news since he weighs 90 pounds. I keep thinking he's gonna grow out of it but he's already 3.

    Have a great day and good luck studying.

  2. i really like keigh! thats so pretty. college... psshhh :)