December 11, 2009

since i'm new at this...

this whole blogging thing seems kind of weird because now that i've made one, i don't really know where to focus.

so what are your favorite things to blog about, all you professionals out there?
what are your favorite kinds of blogs to read about?

today is exciting.
if you have read my previous posts you know
a. i am a college student
b. i am a younglife leader

both i love dearly.
well as of yesterday at 11:00 a.m. i am officially done with the semester! yay!
as of 5:00 p.m. today, we will have new leaders on our team!
there are so many  new leaders that interviewed that we may get
2 girls and 2 guys! which is huge in our area.
such a blessing!

anyways have a beautiful day, i need to get back to watching silly elsie on her play date with hank, the dog*


  1. i like to write about whatever is on my mind- i think those make the most genuine posts (and i think genuinity is what i look for in the blogs i read). congrats on finishing the semester! (i just finished about 40 minutes ago :])

  2. Congrats on finishing! That's such a good feeling, and I'll be indulging in it next Wednesday night :) I blog stream-of-consciousness style. I'm in law school, so I do post about that on the regular, but I also post about reality tv, clothes, my faith, what I'm name it.
    I think anything that captures who you are and conveys that is great! I read all different kinds of blogs in pretty much every "genre" - like Celeste said, the common factor is that each author is just genuinely themselves, no matter what they're writing about.

  3. just found your blog on nicole's!

    welcome to the blog world :-)

    i like to write about food and adventures!! i have one rule for my blog and that's no sad, depressing, negative things. if i stick to that rule when i actually am sad, it lifts my spirits a lot!!