December 9, 2009

elsie, the cow...sorta.

this is elsie. (age 5 months)
i rescued her may of 2008. she was extremely sick and could hardly walk! she has come so far since then. i figured everyone loves animals, and like i said... i love dogs! especially elsie.  here is her story:

we were required to do community service for the club cheerleading team i was on.
so, obviously i wanted to play with dogs so i volunteered at an animal shelter.
after school was out, since i lived in the area, i continued to volunteer.
one day i was sitting at my computer and decided to browse the dogs up for adoption.
i immediately saw this adorable little puppy that looked like a bernese mountain dog.
i knew my mom loved those kinds of dogs so i went to the shelterand told my parents (who were out of town, i was volunteering).
when i got there i looked at the puppy and she was beautiful.
i put a deposit down.
my parents were sooo angry that i did it behind their backs.
she was supposed to get fixed a few days later.
my sister and i went to look at her before she was supposed to be fixed.
my dad showed up and saw her. clearly he thought she was so sweet too!
he wanted us to push back her surgery and show our mom more pictures of her.
well we went to push back the surgery and they told us she was sick and couldn't be put under, and they wanted us to take her home that day! my dad said "absolutely not!" my sister and i were crushed.
we still went to show our mom the pictures.  she is a school teacher at a local elementary school.
of course being my mom, she asked her 2nd graders what they thought of the adorable puppy.
duh, they said we should get her.  and my mom blushed and said, "go bring elsie home"
elsie! who the heck is that?
well my mom had been thinking of names already. i think she knew we were going to keep her. so my sister and i went to go get the pup.
when we brought her to my mom's school, it was the first time we saw her really even move and she tried to run toward my mom and fell.  
needless to say my family now loves her like their own child.
turns out this bernese puppy is just a mutt. she is probably a border collie-pointer mix

this is her the day we brought her home. when she was all sick and had a runny nose.

i plan on writing frequent blogs about this darling puppy.
she is one and a half and has some of the funniest antics i have ever seen.
she is one of the sunshines in this world and i think she is the greatest!*

does anyone have cute animal stories?

this is elsie at age 1