December 8, 2009

a little bit of this and that....

so i got excited and i figured i'd post twice in one day.
big deal right, i have 2 followers so far :)
but maybe one day--people can come back and read these!
so who am i?

i'm a Christian, saved by grace
i'm a younglife leader, if you don't know what that is--check it out!
i love my younglife team and my girls at the school. they are such blessings to me.

i pretty much wear jeans and a t every day.
comfort is key.
but it never hurts to put on my sassy boots and have a good time!
i'm a student, who sometimes takes grades far too seriously.
coffee could be my name, and one time i wrote a metaphorical paper about "coffee" being me. i got an A+
i don't know if i could live without coffee.
when it comes to earrings...pearls.
i am a big fan of smiling, i think it helps the blues go away.
laughing with friends and family may be my favorite thing.
i do love the mountains and the beach-i could never choose between them.
i  am in love with the greatest guy on this earth... preston. he's the light of my world.
besides my precious puppy, elsie... who i rescued from the animal shelter.
she's pretty much a person too. sass and all.
my roommate thinks God put me on this earth for dogs.
i'm beginning to agree.
i used to be a cheerleader where i go to school. but now i cheer for them.
i tend to plan a lot.
and usually my plans change. go figure.
i started playing clarinet when i was in 4th grade.
stress is a thing of the past for me, although i often find myself overwhelmed--is that the same thing?
i find myself loving weddings more and more each day, but i know mine is far off in the future.
so i try not to plan too far ahead.
college. well college is college... hard to explain the love hate relationship with it.
who knows where i'll be in 10 years.
i can be mean, and hold grudges... but who can't. i'm working on it.
i try not to lose my temper.
i do lose it in the car frequently to miley cyrus party in the USA and taylor swift romeo & juliet. these are my guilty pleasures.
but i do not limit my music listening capabilities to only teen pop queens.
i enjoy everything, especially if i can blast it and sing along!
crunchy or creamy? creamy all the way.

love is what everything is all about when it comes down to it. simple love.

here is my all time favorite christmas song, done by drew and ellie holcomb or "drellie" their band is called drew holcomb and the neighbors. they are amazing. the song is baby it's cold outside. no clue how to cleverly post the video here... but there's the link! enjoy*


  1. i LOVE taylor swift's "love story" i can seriously listen to it on repeat forever. welcome to the blog world!(:

  2. looove this post! im so excited we can chit chat back and forth this way:) i posted about your blog today so i hope everyone checks it out! loveu

  3. I came over from Nicole's blog, and I love your blog title! Comfy jeans are the best, and are definitely part of my uniform anytime I'm not dressed up for work.
    Welcome to the blog world! :)

  4. Stopping over from Nicole's blog to say hello and introduce myself! I'm Ali (from The Way I See It). Welcome to blog world! xo

  5. That music video is lovely! Their performance is great. :D

  6. Hi! I found you via Nicole's blog. She's so awesome! And I'm sure you are too :)

    I'm Gracie and it's nice to 'meet' you. The blog world is fantastic!

  7. hey! you have one lovely blog so far - I wish mine had started out this way :) I can't wait to rescue a dog, yours is so cute and I;m a fan of smiling too, yeay!