December 21, 2009

colors of Christmas!

Kattrina tagged me! i feel so loved in the blog world already by all you lovely ladies!
anyways, my color was BURNT ORANGE (: so beautiful
last night was our Christmas dinner with my mom's side of the family because we are hopefully leaving for florida within the next 12 hours!
so here are a few pictures of Christmas-y things that are orange-ish (:




{a- is a gold star fish ornament (it is more gold, but who cares it is beautiful) since we are going to Sanibel today, at some point}
{b- one of my favorite decorations in the house, a burnt orange/brass colored angel}
{c- brass snowman cookie cutter, who doesn't love cookies during the holidays!}

my next post will hopefully be from the beach in florida--happy holidays*


  1. Cute post! Have fun in FL! I would kill for some warmth and sunshine haha

  2. Really cute post! They are all really sweet. I especially love the snowman cookie cutter! Have fun at the beach!! x

  3. Great photos!! I'm so glad you found something - it can be hard. Hope you had fun and have a great time in Florida!