December 19, 2009

it doesn't show signs of stopping.

Thursday my friend natalie and i drove the 4 hours to her house in hendersonville, nc
that night we went to the beautiful grove park inn
and we woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground and a snow storm all day
the white is beautiful
although our plans of going to main street and walking around town have been postponed, it is still beautiful to look at.

i love the snow.
we don't get much of it where i live
but being able to be in the mountains like this
with Christmas just around the corner
makes me love the idea of a white Christmas

then i remember that on monday i will be in Sanibel, Florida
no snow there!
but the snow is beautiful and i am loving days in front of the fire watching tv 

its days like these 
that make me want to move to the mountains of colorado 
 so i can enjoy the snow and fireplaces roaring with hot chocolate in my hands more often!

today we went to main street and ate at a small irish pub... so fun! then went shopping
although the snow is piled up, we still hiked about a mile to a place called "jump off rock" which had beautiful views! 
i am sad to say that tomorrow morning i will be leaving and heading home saying goodbye to the snow and hello to the open, and most likely crowded highways of north carolina.
but i am excited to see my wonderful boyfriend and family!

enjoy the holiday season*


  1. I'm so jealous. This sounds like complete heaven.
    What wouldn't I give for snow, a fire place, a cup of hot chocolate and friends! Nice to know you're having a good time!

  2. Snow sounds so beautiful and magical. I've never seen it before so I can't say whether I will even like it when I do.

    Being rugged up with a hot chocolate either watching a movie or reading a book in the cold sounds lovely.

    It's hot here so more like having cold drinks, singlets, dresses and a fan is good :)

    I hope you have a lovely time with family and bf! x

  3. oh the snow looks so beautiful and sounds perfect for this time of year. i wish i was enjoying snow right now!