January 8, 2010

pinky promise

sorry i have been so mia from the blog world recently.
there has been much to do in the new year and it is only the 8th day!
i promise i will get to you ladies, i haven't forgotten, i just need to sit down and do it.
i will be back asap as soon as i get these few things done:

1. buy books for class that start monday, whoops!
2. read for the classes that have assignments already, boo!
3. read for BRU crew
4. call mountain hardware and inquire why they sent me a men's medium, when I am in fact a female who sent them a women's medium jacket to get fixed (but also thank them for sending me a brand spankin new one!)
5. babysit
6. help my lovely friend c begin the wedding planning process.
7. get my apartment clean, and prepare for class

then i pinky promise i will be back!
love all you ladies, and i can't wait to sit down and read what you all have been up to, because i would much rather do that then be doing all THAT!



  1. i still need to buy my books as well! good luck with everything and get back to us quick! :)

  2. There is so much to do in this new year! I hope you get it all done. And take your time if you need to :)