January 11, 2010


so this morning was the first day of classes
i tried so hard to be excited for my 9:10 which i am not even enrolled in yet! 
so this morning was hard, especially when i realized there is a chance i won't even need that class. bummer.
then i was thinking about how much i love being on campus.  
one of my most favorite things, although odd, is being on campus in the morning when no one else is really around.
it is nice to be here and breathe without anyone really getting in your way running to class.

while i was thinking, i was completely humbled by this guy
i have seen him before but never really realized how strong of a person he was
i have never met him before or spoken to him, let alone even gotten the courage to say good morning
but i remember because i see him.
the hard thing is that he would never recognize me because he doesn't see
he is blind.
our school is known for its non-handicap-accessible-ness.
this man is blind and uses a walking stick to get around.
this morning i watched in aw as he walked down stairs without a hitch
then he used his walking stick to move up the side walk.
his stick followed the grain of the brick on the side
when his phone rang he detoured to the wall and answered it
i take for granted being able to recognize someone in order to be able to say good morning
i also take for granted being able to watch where i am walking without worrying about walking into things
i also take for grated being able to look at my phone to see who is calling...

most of all i take for granted the beauty around me, of the earth in nature, the uniqueness of individuals walking all around,

this unknown man inspired me today
inspired me to notice the little things that i don't notice every day...the beauty of this world we live in

i hope i don't forget this feeling i have because it is extremely humbling
we need to thank the Lord each and every day for the simplest things... *

{this was taken on Sanibel Island at the lighthouse}

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  1. Such a beautiful post and so true. All of us take things for granted and it's easy to forget how blessed we really are just to be here on this earth. I hope you have a great week at school! and you probably didn't see it but I gave you a Blogger award on my other blog, http://threehundredsixtyfiveloves.blogspot.com