January 26, 2010

oh me oh my!

a special thanks to Laura Loo, Jennifer and Katy Mary for the advice on the friendship ordeal. just an update... she invited me to go rock climbing (something i absolutely love, even though i am super scared of heights) on friday but i can't make it.  so hopefully we will be able to get coffee soon and catch up... i'll let you know if anything changes.

as for now, it is only tuesday but it is the stress of a thursday. 

Dear College professors,
why do you find joy in making impossible syllabuses, when you know how much time goes into a full course load of classes. and then continue to add assignments that aren't on the syllabus just for fun.  it isn't cool.  it makes my body stress out, and i get overwhelmed. college professors, you frustrate me sometimes. today is one of those days.


*lets go wolfpack!*


  1. I can't wait to hear how it goes with your friend!

    And I am sorry you had a stressful day. I will say a little prayer that tomorrow goes better for you!

  2. Yes definitely keep me posted about your friend! I hope the rest of your week is less stressful! I never understood the massive amounts of homework that professors put on their students, I mean really I don't think it makes you learn any more when you are overwhelmed. They need to cool it!