January 15, 2010

i'll have my cake and eat it too, thanks.

Hello lovelies!
last night we had a tiny birthday bash for my mom who turned 49 30! ;) we had plenty of food and then some! we ate my mom's favorite...st. louis toasted raviolis with bread, pasta, other things and of course, cake!

for her birthday we surprised her and stole all of her  very organized  recipes about a week ago and made them into cook books for her.  we originally thought two 1-inch binders would be fine, absolutely not.  it took us four of them with over 200 slip covers (each slip cover had at least 3 recipes in it!)  I must say that it was a project but we were glad to have done it for her. 

today has been so beautiful! it was almost 60 out which was fabulous.  I had an early class then just got to hang around my house with my puppy elsie and her friend hank, the dog. Preston came by this afternoon and we took the pair on a walk.  i must say, elsie is growing up fast, but i am doubtful that she will ever learn how to walk on a leash properly.. hank on the other hand is a pro.  we enjoyed our walk.  Preston and i rarely get to spend some alone time together so it was nice to just walk and talk about nothing in particular....


tonight i'm going to a highschool basketball game with the younglife team! so excited about that.  Then afterward it will be the sonnets by shakespeare popcorn and a movie in bed! can't wait!*

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hope you have a great weekend, alexandria!! :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! That was a really lovely gift you all gave your mum. SO personal and wonderful.

    I hope the rest of the weekend was fantastic xx