January 19, 2010

days go by

this will be a quicky...or hope so!

Jennifer from I'm Just A Girl gave me an award this week! I promise I will pass it along as soon as I get out from underneath this work load and find some free time to do it justice....If you haven't seen Jennifer's blog, run to it right now to check that puppy out, it is so wonderful!

it's beautiful days like today that i wish and throw i mild tantrum that i don't carry a camera with me everywhere. 


Today I am rocking a shirt from a designer consignment shop called Dress. the shirt is a grey/silver silk by some designer named Walter. Walter designed a $165 (beautiful, yet overpriced) shirt which I purchased yesterday for $70.03 after tax.  This is by far the most expensive shirt i have ever bought, yet i love it. and i am glad for my purchase. Along with this shirt, i am wearing my dark denim skinny jeans with black flats that have gigantic bows on them.... i will admit that i am a sucker for shoes!

Today between classes I had some time to sit in what we call the Court of Carolina's on State's campus.  IF you know naything about NC State, it is known for the ugly brick everywhere.  But I still stand by the fact that the oldest part of campus, surrounding the Court of Carolina's is beautiful.  I love sitting there on the hill basking in the sun, hoping someone comments on my new shirt. It is so warm here that i was able to shed my shoes and enjoy the sun, and with the lighting, i am sure i could have gotten a few real cute pictures of my toes and adorable shoes! but until then...

this is the court of carolinas. I was lying in front of that beautiful building called the 1911 building.

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  1. I wish it was warm here! It's been snowing allllll day here with no break. Your shirt sounds awesome, I hope you get a pic on here so I can see!!