January 22, 2010


(this post may be long, it will be like three days packed into one!)

over the past few months of doing this, i have grown to love it! blogging that is. you ladies mean so much to me, and i love checking up on what you all are doing! it may be silly, but i feel like i have accomplished something with my 28 followers who are so sweet and genuine! it is like a little family for my little growing blog...and i love it, every second of it.  although i do get a little overwhelmed when my reader shows i have 50 unread posts from all the your fabulous blogs i read! but i just wanted to make sure all you ladies realized how much i truly care about you and how much you all mean to me!


now back to the obsession general liking of other blogs. i have a problem. especially this semester.
i only have one class out of all five of them where i don't have my computer open...so that means that in all four of the others, i have blogs open constantly. my friends think that all i do is blog/read blogs but i promise i pay attention sometimes! like this instance today in our shakespeare class...(still not sure why i am still enrolled in this little gem)

professor: rambling about how the word "expense" in sonnet 129 is equal to orgasm and how shakespeare was probably gay, had an affair with not only some high status young male, but a black lady as well.  oh and he didn't live with his wife... we learned all of this about him by reading the sonnets.
me: This may be a stupid question, but how long did it take him to write these sonnets? They seem pretty complicated.
professor: basically speaking french with the occasional condescending: "a 7th grader with a decent vocabulary can figure these out, they are so simple and straight forward" blah blah blah (not answering my question) continues to blab.
c: (speaking to my friend j) i have no clue what's going on, how did alex know what was going on, i thought all she was planning on doing in here was blog?
j: (speaking to c) me too, since when does she pay attention in class?
me: (in my mind) why are you still talking about how anyone can understand what shakespeare is writing when i asked how long it took him to write them?
professor: did i answer your question? good.
me: .... (maybe blogging is the better alternative to attempting to learn shakespeare)

so essentially what i learned today in class is that shakespeare is really hard to understand unless you break it down bit by bit with a college professor who is obsessed with it. but really, who has hours upon hours to do this? we only got through 10 of the 154 sonnets in two class periods which = 3 hours total... really shakespeare? fact: obviously you didn't write that to the point if it takes that long to break them down and get the meaning down....

back to reality. i have had a really hard time keeping up with everyone's blogs recently because i have been trying to learn shakespeare, pr, more pr, writing and food science...but i pinky promise i will finish reading them all by the end of next week! 

tomorrow (or i guess, technically, today) i am leaving to go skiing with younglife.  we will be back late saturday night which will be followed by a short and sweet hang out with preston and an overnight babysitting job from sunday to monday. so i will be back probably monday.


but i thought this would be fun-
how about leaving some questions for me to answer? 
anything is game, i'll answer it. pinky promise. ask one or as many as you'd like!


  1. I've been reading blogs more than I've been reading my textbooks. It's terrible. :(

  2. Hey,

    Just found your blog and I absolutely adore it. What great style and prose. I am adding it to my google reader right now!


    Hannah Katy

  3. Hi! I hope you have a lovely weekend. I found your blog from Nahl's Bonfire of the Impassive. And, yes. I also have a problem from resisting GoogleReader.