June 8, 2010


So many of you beautiful bloggers take beautiful pictures of some of the most interesting places. I have always been jealous of the talent and time you take to create beautiful pictures.

I look around every day and notice how many beautiful and unique places I pass daily! Everytime I just want to pull over and jump out and have a spontaneous picture fiasco! And then be able to leave relaxed, joyful and laughing. Sometimes I imagine songs that would be the soundtracks of these picture taking frenzies. But that is another story in itself.

My goal is to hopefully, some day soon be able to go off and spend a day immersed in these beautiful places... Like this old white washed barn that I drive by every day, a field of yellow wild flowers, the remainder of an old cowboy town on the outskirts of where I live, the beautiful horses that run in their pastures, exposed brick and vines over old downtown buildings, old painted signs, colorful doors, cobblestone walkways and twinkling lights. Don't they all just sound so inspiring? It sounds stupid that I am so busy I need to plan this spontaneous adventure, but hopefully I will be able to. Explore and create beautiful memories.

*oh and in case you didn't notice... No photos here to hold me accountable and remind me that I need them!*

P.S. The backstreet boys concert was awesome. Way better than when I was like 12 and saw then... Partly because now it isn't illegal to truly think they are so so hot!

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful dream. I only wish I could do that too. And I think I will. You've inspired me :)

    Lol I never got to see the Backstreet Boys in concert so that must have been fun. x

  2. Ah, I love taking photos! I wouldn't same I'm great at it but I love it. Sounds like a great dream you have there and I'm glad to concert was so great!