April 7, 2010

thinking out loud.

do you ever get so caught up in the chaos of life that you forget to look around and notice how beautiful your life is? 

I completely did that this week. 

I woke up complaining, 
thinking that none of my friends loved me 
(pity party, i know)
which is such a lie!
they all love me
just as much as i love them

sometimes we just need to sit and bask in the sun
give yourself enough space to actually let people in

if i stay too closed minded and caught up in selfish ambition
how will anyone even be able to get past my brick wall.
so today we were blessed with summertime heat
[attempting to ignore the pollen]
i sat outside in a field
basked in the sun
giving myself a break from chaos
and sure enough i saw a friend i hadn't seen in a while
what a beautiful conversation
with laughs and genuine compassion for each other
even though we both live two very different lives
seeing her smile after i hadn't seen her in almost four months
made my day...

what made your day?*


  1. That's beautiful! It's lovely when that happens. I love seeing old friends and being able to catch up with them. Seeing my nephews made my day today. I love seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter.

  2. aww hun ive been feeling like that lately too. but you are definitely loved, especially by your future sister in law ;)

  3. A CRAZY man coming into work... is that sad that, that was my highlight? haha