December 7, 2009

new to this...

a friend of mine told me to look at her blog. so i did.
hers is awesome. and she told me to create my own. so i'm trying.
she's of course more creative than i am.
but i'm trying this out.
maybe it will be life changing? who knows.
my sister and i joke that our lives would be funny reality tv shows.
but we're scared our lives will crash and burn.
and that we won't be funny
and people won't watch.
but sometimes i am driving and i think that writing would be easy enough to share thoughts.
so i'm doing it.
it's a risk.
i've set up my account and i'm going to try and not turn back.
 i'm a journalism minor so words come easy usually.
we'll see how it goes.
tomorrow i'll see what happens and tell you a little more about me*

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