December 15, 2009

lost in the craze of Christmas

i thought this week would be completely relaxing and stress free since i have gotten most of my shopping done already. false.

yesterday was Monday and i baked Christmas cookies with my best friend Natalie (: they kind of look like a 3-year-old decorated them, but no biggie!

then i rushed to a cheerleading practice that i wasn't even allowed to stay at because of some formality with paperwork that still hasn't been finished, my b.

i went and looked at a house with my sister and her fiance and my family.

then i went to a Christmas party with my campaigners girls from younglife! we had so much fun! we all brought batches of cookies and shared. then we played a game called "family".

if you have never played it, play.
this is how you do it:
one person is it.
everyone gets a sheet of paper and writes a famous person (or just a person that everyone would know) on it that they choose for themselves.
no one tells anyone who you wrote, but turn them it to the person who is "it"
the "it" reads all the names through out loud 2 times
the person to the left of "it" goes first and asks, "[insert person's name here] are you, Santa[character name]?"
if that person says "no i am not santa" then it is their turn to ask another just keeps going like this.
BUT if that person says, "yes i am santa!" then they sit next to the person who got it right and becomes part of their family. and they get another turn to ask someone else.
it keeps going until who ever has the biggest family.
if you guess the "head" of the family, then that person's entire family joins up with yours!
the person who is "it" never reads the names again...
this game is super fun in a big group of people, i have played it up to about 20 some people.
if you haven't played it, you should!

so after the party was over, i drove on all these crazy back streets and found my way to preston's apartment, where i surprised him! i brought him and his roommates cookies from the party, and i baked them white chocolate macadamia nut cookies! they loved them! it was so nice to get to hang out with preston on a week night, because that NEVER happens!

today, i slept in until 9:30! crazy i know. sometimes i think i am a morning person, and then there are days like today where i just wanted to sleep all day!

i meant to go to the gym (like i have been meaning to do all week!) but i didn't instead my sister and i got roped into making some cookie dough for my mom.  so we made gingerbread cookie dough from scratch and some sugar cookie dough.  even though we still had 2 more batches to make, we left and went bridesmaid dress shopping (: we found one really cute dress. but we'll see!

anyways this was supposed to be a quick post! oops!


  1. i'm always looking for a good game to play with family...thanks for this!

  2. Sounds like fun :) And I would love to make some Christmas cookies :) Ohh and bridesmaid shopping yay! x